Beware the scare mongers

Fear mongers are having a field day right now. Don’t listen to them.

Just in from the Wall St. Journal (PDF here in case.)

“The economy is so frightening,” says Juliana Chugg, president of Pillsbury. “This campaign is an opportunity for us to represent hope in a time when people are feeling scared. To be able to connect home and values like safety, security, warmth and love at home really resonates.”

I call it B.S. Let me ask you, do YOU think the economy is frightening? I don’t. It’s challenging, yes, but hardly frightening. We just have to become more skilled and learn to see things differently than before.

However, if folks like Ms. Chugg can instill fear in others, maybe she’ll make more sales. Yuck. She’s not the only one jumping on this bandwagon. Consider this from my friend Faith Popcorn:

Faith Popcorn, chief executive of marketing firm BrainReserve, says “people are looking for warm, cozy places to curl up in” in the current economic climate. “We are in a period of shock right now, and we are looking for respite and revival and restoration.” More here (PDF here in case.)

Who’s “we”? Are you in period of shock? I’m not. I don’t need to be in shock to seek out revival and restoration anyway. I’m doing a cleanse (the ER Detox) right now and was not in a state of shock when I signed up, nor am I now.)

Most of us, upon reflection, are not a bit surprised at the big financial pull backs…are we? Most of us either are or have been over-extended, hope that our income catches up to our spending, and that everything will somehow be alright.

Big companies are no different. They’re run by people just like us. Only those folks play with more money. So when they win or lose, the noise is much bigger.

So beware of anyone doing the scare-mongering routine on you. It’s very in today. Don’t listen.

Remember that you, as an entrepreneurs need never fear. Classy marketers like you whose products live up to the pictures you paint will never have reason to be scared.


P.S. The sellers at the bottom of this page are not scare mongers (although a couple are screamy. Why I can’t fathom because the programs are excellent.)

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Kim Klaver


  • If you’re scared, go hide. As for me and the leaders on my team, we have never prospered like this before. I will finish the best year of my life (and I am no spring chicken)!

    This market represents the best opportunities of our lives or the time to give into our worst fears.

    It really is all about your own personal perspective. Fail forward, move aggressively, while others shrink into security (a false promise) and change your future.

    America has always been a dangerous place to live. But let me leave you with one simple thought: If the government in any country takes the risks out of the market, they simultaneously remove all of the rewards!

  • The average millionaire goes bankrupt at least twice in their career.

    Even Warren Buffett, who never actually faced bankruptcy, had a disastrous financial time at Berkshire Hathaway when it was still in the textile industry.

    And 80 percent of the millionaires in the country are first generation millionaires, meaning they did not inherit their fortune but rather, they earned it.

    Like FDR once said, the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

  • Recession? What recession?

    Remember the Law of Attraction folks, “What you think about, comes about”

    All economic cycles produce opportunities – they may simply be different to what you have been used to expecting.

    Expect the unexpected and prosper!

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