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Here’s a bit from the site. Just up. Just ranked in the top 100 of 12,000 sites submitted…

Beyond Hype is for someone in network marketing who has decided to market a product that’s made a difference in her life. It’s done something she wanted, and has done it well. Now she’s started an enterprise to tell the world…

Kind of like Victor Kiam. Remember him? He walked into millions of living rooms years ago on black and white TV, and holding out a razor announced,

‘I liked this razor so much I decided to buy the company.’

And that’s where the similarity ends. In network marketing and direct sales, you don’t get to hide in a TV studio. If you’re in direct sales or network marketing, you must:

‘Talk to people. Talk to people. Talk to people.’

‘But, what should I say? So they don’t glaze over or run away? And, so that someone just like me pauses to hear my story?’

That’s what Beyond Hype does – with two language tools that might surprise you…”

Here are those two language tools…click below, read, and opine, ok?

Kim Klaver’s experimental Squidoo site

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