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How to build your business on Facebook without…

How to build your business on Facebook without…


I mean the ads you see on the right…or those that
come up in News Feeds…

Everybody is selling “How to build your business on FB”

And the programs are often first class.

However if you are NOT making money yet, BEFORE
you look to advertising as “the answer” here’s something
to consider:

What could you offer to help someone with, if they were to
come into your business or buy your product?

Promises of income or the mansion on the hill don’t cut it,
since everyone knows by now, that that is NOT instant.

Building a network marketing business up is a process and
a person needs to learn some skills. And you might have them,
or not. The more skilled you are, the faster it goes. The less,
the longer it takes until you acquire, polish and practice
those skills.

So – if YOU were to run an ad:

What would you offer them? What tips? What story could
you tell that would inspire the person to listen to you?

Especially if you have not had success yourself yet?

=> Remember nobody wants to hear about your problems

Here’s a suggestion. I’ve done virtually NO advertising online.
And I’ve built up two NM businesses on FB over the last
two years. The current one is Empower Network.
Through this page here.

Here’s what I have done:

=> I teach stuff. I’m a teacher. Even have a
Harvard Degree in Teaching (!!) Post tips
(LIKE THIS) here regularly. I’ve been a talker and
teacher since I was 6.

=> I read stuff and watch videos from
cool people constantly, and report fun stuff here.
Sometimes I’ll do running notes on cool seminars
I’m listening to…

=> I DO stuff. Test things and let you know
of the results here.

That has led some folks to come here regularly.

And in my Empower business, just under 200 folks – mostly
from my readers here – signed up and that earned me
some $177,750 in my first 11 months in the EN business.
(NO guaranteed income for you or anyone else, not a fortune teller.)

And. NO ad expenses. Just writing, posting. Doing what I enjoy, anyway.

So that’s what I did. And that’s my tip of the day for you:

Decide what you enjoy doing, and write about it on your Wall.
If you post daily or often, with YOUR voice, I promise you this:

Others. Will. Come.

There are ALWAYS others like you. Just like you.

Bet on it.

That group will be your following. And they’ll feed you, too.
You will help each other get what you want…and that’s,
according to Zig Ziglar, how WE get what WE want…
help someone else get what THEY want.


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