Can Economics Be This Simple?

We all hear the dire economic news and gloomy forecasts. Don’t listen, says my friend Frank.
Here’s all you need to know about “the economy” –

1. Person A gives person B money.

2. B gives A value.

3. The value person B gives person A is 10x more than what A paid.

4. Repeat.

There’s your economic engine. You want to be B.

As B, fixate on 2 and 3 so that 1 happens over and over and over.  That’s the engine
of YOUR personal economic growth.

You add genuine value to the lives of others; they happily give you money.

PS. I’m reminded of the line from “Born Yesterday” which made (in 1946) a star of Judy Holiday. She played Billie Dawn, the bimbo turned bookworm.  Billie is full of wonder and good humor, and she makes no bones about not being “smart” like others. “I started thinking,” she says, “and I couldn’t get to sleep for ten minutes.”  But I loved this line best, “I’m stupid and I like it.”  Sometimes all the “smarts” get in the way of simple directives to our brain.   Think?

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Kim Klaver


  • Excellent and clear description of what to strive for in business. I do much better in business when I don’t listen to all the negative media and focus in on how I can best serve other people.

  • Oh, I love it. So simple. Give an abundance of value, more than what they expect. I keep saying to folks that say this is a horrible economy, ” Well it’s not mine. I dont play in that game”.

  • So Kim. You are saying that I should put a lower price on my Lifewave patches, so that many more will want to buy from me?
    I have been studiyng your stuff for many months now, learning and learning from all you give to me, but not making any money, cus I don´t know yet how to sell.
    Here I sell the patches for 89 dollars. If the person A should get more value for what I sell, maby I then have to lower the price? People are poor here on Iceland…
    Kind regards Thorunn Una

    • Hi there Thorunn Una,

      There are many ways to give extra value without dropping the prices. Depends on what the buyer might be interested in. If someone is buying the patches because they’re in pain, what other suggestions might you give the person that they could do, to reduce pain? Like certain stretches or exercises, if you know about that and do them too. Google it and see what habits have helped people reduce pain that do not cost money.

      Or say you are selling someone a sleep patch package. Folks getting sleep patches might not know that drinking alcohol before bedtime acts against sleep. Eating late also hinders restful sleep. Those are examples of tips you can gather up or learn about online. You can Google, for example, “sleep better at night” and review those suggestions that do not require spending money, but adjusting habits. There are countless useful tips for sleep, reducing pain, all of which you can research and summarize for people buying the patches from you. Make a nice little “hand-out.” See how that works? That’s an example of adding value.

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