Can I lose weight without exercising? Does NM work?…

Most questions requiring future effort from you can only be answered by you. But there’s a trick to it…

First there’s your current belief system. If you strongly do NOT believe that NM works, or if you strongly believe that exercising is yes necessary to lose weight, chances are your experience will live up to those expectations. Most of the time.

Next, you have to give the thing which requires your future effort an honest sustained effort guided by someone who has had success with the venture (again assuming you are only doing the kinds of things that fit your style).

That still doesn’t predict the results one way or the other. But it’s the only fair way to test and see if it works for and with you, or not. And before you diss it (or support it) out of hand.

1. Can I lose weight without exercise?
Although many people get hot about this, (see here) it’s all hot air UNTIL you test it for YOURSELF (see my surprise test here).

No matter what happens, you still you cannot generalize. Your results may not hold for everyone else. That’s why “different strokes for different folks.”

2. Does NM work? There are MANY detractors, including those who did it and it didn’t work for them. Does that mean it won’t work for you?

Maybe yes, maybe no. You have to try it. Try means at least:

1) put in 10-20 hours reviewing how NM is done by those who are making some money.
2) review at least ten different reaching out methods people are doing,
3) choose 2-3 you want to learn to get good at. (Remember your job is to market – get the word out – so see what people are doing that attracts you. Master that.)

Don’t prejudge ANY reaching out method. Everything has worked for someone. And not worked for others.

Then you start the process of doing them, practicing and learning to get good. May take a few years. (Mozart had deformed fingers by the time he was 28 because he practiced so much.)

3. Do leads work? Do newspaper ads work? Does belly-to-belly work? Same as 2 above. Test things, see if they fit you.

*Learn what kind of effort and money has gone into the success of whoever is selling the reaching out method (ROM) to you. ASK. (I bought tens of thousands of leads and got one or two good ones.)

*Choose say two ROMs you, your time and your pocketbook are in harmony with. No matter what your upline or some big banana does. You are not someone else. It must agree with you first.

Bottom line: even if it works for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you. You might not even like it. And vice versa. We are not the same person. So before judging anything that requires future time and effort one way or the other, give it an honest college try.

Saves lots of hot air. Think?

P.S. And remember even after testing we can’t predict similar results (or lack thereof) for anyone else. They’re not me or you. Right?

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Kim Klaver


  • I truly believe these words of wisdom, Kim. You really need to do what resonates with you because only you know what will work for you. I’ve been doing lots of personal development training over the last couple of years and I’ve been given the advice, “Don’t believe a word I say,” or anyone else for that matter. You can only really know about something once you experience it yourself. So, don’t believe a word I say. Test things out first, see if they mesh with who you truly are and if it does, act on it and you’ll see how things in your life will flow.

  • I agree. I will give, research, receive ideas and information, but I encourage everyone to work the way they feel most comfortable.

    I want everyone to do what works best for them on my team. We all should try different things.


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