College: the New Scam?

College cap money scamGoing to college was a
stepping stone for
bigger and better things
several decades ago.

But today, the
notion that having a degree is
the only road to success
is one of the largest scams
in U.S. history…

More from self-made billionaire Mark Cuban today…

Once degreed, the majority of college grads are
ill-equipped to handle the current marketplace. Many of
those who entered college just five years ago simply can’t
find work in a 21st century economy that’s imploding
on all sides.
What college grads are left with are massive loans that
can’t be 
repaid and a room in mom and dad’s basement.
We’re not suggesting that a college education isn’t worthwhile.

But those who lack practical skills for today’s economy once
they get out of school will be left indebted, impoverished and
living in mom’s basement for the majority of their working lives.

…The fact is that nearly 85% of college graduates will return home jobless:

Saddled with debts that will take years to pay off,
college graduates are finding it almost impossible to acquire
any sort of meaningful labor in this
much touted jobless recovery.

More here…

PS. Solution?  Learn practical skills.  The highest level of which is, learn to market and sell
so you will never ever need a traditional job. Not easy, but doable. I can help.

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