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Archie, a gent in the Helper-Healer Marketer program, had this line as his opener.

“This product is highly assimilable, and is based on breakthrough technology…”

He ran it by me today because he wanted to go to the local chamber of commerce with it. (Had struck out with his friends using it.)

We chatted and now, he has this story, which he’s taking to his local union of carpenters and other construction trade workers:

“How I went from hanging 30-40 sheets a day
to 50-70 sheets a day in one month.”

For non-construction folks: He used to hang sheetrock – dry wall – the stuff walls in your house are usually made of. He’d hang 30-40 per day, and collapse at night.  A month after using his product (he’s been using it for 36 years) he went to 50-70 sheets per day, and, had energy left to go out in the evenings.

Which story and which audience do you think will respond to him and his product?

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Kim Klaver


  • The second story will be for construction workers that need more energy to hang more sheet rock. I had to go back and read it all again to know why he couldn’t hang more than 3 sheets. My first thought was because of pain.

    The first story had me wondering what in the world was he saying….

    • Hi Robin Plan I just emailed Kim and she said she would correct the amount it was from 30 sheets to 50 in one month my grandmother could hang 5 sheets a day.

  • The first story is something that anybody could say. The second story is what happened to Archie. That alone would make me want to listen just a bit longer.

  • Hi Kim it was 30 to 40 sheets per day and I was able to do 50 to 70 per day after one month on the products.

  • Yes Robin to go from 30 to 40 per day to 50 to 70 is huge at 3.36 per sheet an extra 20 sheets per day I could make $67.20 per day extra I was able to pay for the product.

  • The first story make me think – “so what!, whats in it for me ?!..”
    While the second story answer this questions.
    Another thing is that the second story sound like a story from someone from the community, while the first sounds like a pitch of a slick sells person.
    I’ll go with the second story.

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