Consumers wary about believing us anymore…

Here’s from a new book, “Your Call Is Important To Us…” by Laura Penny

“No ad campaign, no wonder pill, no blockbuster movie, no celebrity, no candidate, no entertainment complex, no glorious blandishment can compensate for a lack of trust and the sense that all is scam or a sham….”

Do agree it’s come to this?

She opens her book with a feeling that perhaps you share, namely,

“Never in the history of mankind have so many people uttered statements that they know to be untrue. Presidents, priests, politicians, lawyers,
reporters, corporate executives and countless others have taken to saying not what they actually believe, but what they want others to believe — not what is, but what works.”

If this is a general consumer malaise, all the more important to learn how to tell an authentic story about what happened to you with a product, rather than making claims and promises about what will happen to someone else if they use your product. Or do your business.


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