Contest: Could Mother Teresa Have Been a Successful Network Marketer?

Some of you know I’ve been preparing a new marketing program. It’s gone through several different titles, depending on the focus at that time. How not to be an MLM Loser, how to Wow your guests with a delightful user experience they can’t stop talking about, how to invite so more show up than you expected, how to do NM if you’re really a helper healer type…

Anyway, I’ve finally decided on a major focus. Even though the course includes all of the above. The contest reflects that focus (keeping program title secret for a few more days).

The new program will be released March 11. And you can win it. (I have the contestants for the previous contest and everyone is welcome to take a shot at this.)

CONTEST RULES: Answer this question and explain your answer. I’ll pick a winner by this Sunday night. (March 6). NOTE: I’ve defined success in the questionnaire the way most recruiters do – financial success. That’s what they sell. So use that to answer. I realize that may not be your own definition of success, but that’s not the point of this. The question is, do you think she could have brought in “big money” as a network marketer?

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RESULTS so far here. Click on the turquoise “Show Replies” in the lower right hand corner. 10 responses display at a time. Interesting and different. Fun!

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