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Crap type A or crap type B?

In a FB conversation last evening, a gent mentioned that his goal for doing his NM
was that he wanted the money, and, “I’m
trying to get out of a job here.”

But he also complained about the difficulties building –
“sometimes when u cold call a mlmer you don’t know.
wondering if u are bothering the person,” or “I’m thinking,
what will they think I’m calling to recruit them?”

And of course, most of the small group of people he
DOES have, aren’t doing anything…

Who hasn’t experienced problems coming from all
directions? The job – the business – Sigh.

I suggested he decide which ‘crap’ he would rather deal with.

Since there are obstacles, disappointments and
downsides to any undertaking in life (read ‘crap’) decide
which you want to deal with. Type A or type B?

Then, with eyes wide open, you can begin the journey
to work through it. Think?


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