How to make money online

YOU have to create that pyramid (under you)…

coporate pyramic YOU have to create that pyramid (under you) yourself.
Did you know that? (YOU = the CEO of your heap)

PS The owner of my first NM company (24 years ago) told me one time:

“Kim, I never worry about income projections for our reps…”

Me: ???

NM Company owner: “Because it is THEY who create their income
by bringing in the orders, and others who bring in orders. It’s all up
to THEM so they can earn WHATEVER they want. They bring it all in
and get a cut.”

That’s the moment it dawned on me:

WE could create ANY income BECAUSE WE are the ones
who create it. The money is not given to us or controlled
by some boss.

That’s the day I think I fell in love with the NM business model.

I could be in charge of ALL the money. Ha.

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