Customers don’t buy your product because they want your product…

relaxCustomers don’t buy your product because they want the product…

Did you know that?

The #1 mistake new marketers make is this: Thinking that what you are selling is just your product, service or business opportunity.

Only this is not what people “buy” – not really.

Here’s a famous example of what people really buy…

Tim buys a drill. He buys the drill because he wants a hole. 

He buys it only for WHAT it can do for him – that HE wants. A hole in this case.

Bottom line: People buy something that helps achieve a goal that is particular to them and is part of the larger set of interests and values that make them who they are.

So next time you’re talking to someone about your product, or writing something up on your FB page or profile, remember nobody cares about “it” – the science, the break-through-ness of it, the doctors behind it – nope.

That’s really not what people are “buying”. They are paying for what they believe can DO for them, that THEY want.

PS And the more specific, the better. “Getting younger looking skin” is nice, but doesn’t speak to anyone, since everyone wants that and everyone has hundreds of options. “for someone who wants to reduce fine lines between the eyes without botox” for example.

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PPS If you’d like to see how I sold more water filters than anyone ever in my first company using exactly this truth, check this out...It’s a demo…

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