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Demo: Use Facebook – Find Better People

This video shows you how you can use information about folks on Facebook – that THEY put there – to help YOU identify the right types of folks for a business of their own:

Experienced MLMers whose companies
have gone bust, ambitious business owners,
real estate agents, or just driven and presently
dissatisfied folks with some entrepreneurial dreams,
who are open right now.

The offer at the end, from Max to you, my dear readers,
ENDS this WED. If you’re not sure about it, ask yourself
two questions:

1. Do you enjoy being on Facebook, or would you, if you
could learn now to use it. If yes, then remember:

2. If his program does what he says for you, assuming you do the things,
it is worth far more than the cost. If it doesn’t, it’s free.
Max and I guarantee it.

PS The offer link here, says Free Leads. That is the Facebook program.
The special price ends this WED, March 7.

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Kim Klaver

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  • I did not find out about you until last Monday through Jordon Adler’s email.
    I guess I am too late to get the MAX system at the low price. And I love your HEAPS app. Thanks Homer (Gene) Hunley

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