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“It’s do or die this year,” she texted…

2 women talking sm“It’s do or die this year,” texted
my old friend. And off
she went for a New Year’s
planning session with her
hubby early this AM…


She was talking about her financial situation. Do or die money-wise.

Is that you by chance? If so, here’s something (surprising) that might help.

If you want more income this year, significantly more (like at least
another $2,500/mo) do the OBSERVE below, first.

If you do nothing else, do the OBSERVE.

Under the observe are just a few suggestions as to what you might do…
things I’ve done.

=> OBSERVE how much of your time, EACH DAY, you spend on
anything income producing. If you notice it’s basically little to none,
it’s ok.

Now. You. Know.

No blaming yourself. You can change it once you realize it.

Sometimes we’re just too busy catering to others during most of
our days and evenings, to even notice this stuff. (Catering to
others includes reading emails to you 
asking you to
buy stuff or do stuff…)

Here are some things (unusual perhaps) you can include as
income-producing in your daily checklist…

1. Writing an eBook (or making a video or audio) about
something you 
know your reps or readers want. You can offer
it for under $47 to your readers, your team, or as an offer at the end of
a funnel where you’ve reached out to those you can help…

2. Creating a funnel where you have a certain audience chosen
(like folks who want to succeed in network marketing) and you
create copy for an engaging landing page…and a ‘Thank You’
page that might offer them your product in 1. above.

And then putting that funnel OUT there so right people can opt in
and see what you have to offer. 

NOTE: The product you offer need NOT relate specifically to your company.
Tips on direct response marketing – which is what we do – need not be
company specific to be helpful. You know that from the guru courses
you’ve no doubt taken.

NOTE 2: If you don’t have any product of your own, no worries. Find
something good that you can promote, that will HELP your readers or
group accomplish what they want- for which the author will pay you
an affiliate fee…Usually 50-60%.

3. Do any crazy thing you can to make ONE sale – so you can say
you did. And then write a short email or FB post:

“How I made my first sale!” Or “How I signed up my FIRST rep!
And I didn’t think I could!” (Lots of examples available.)

If you feel like you don’t know WHAT to do for 1 or 2 above, do this:

a. Learn something. 
b. Do something
c. Teach something.

You can learn ANYTHING you need to, to make sales online. And
most of it’s free.

You can then DO that thing, plan on the pain of learning it, yes, and then
WHEN you DO IT right, teach it.

The goal is to do c. Not stay stuck in a. or b.

The leverage and therefore, BIG income, comes from teaching so that
others can do it too.

That gets you income if they’re your babies, but also,
establishes you as a knowledgeable leader and mini guru to
your list or group.

This is how regular people became gurus. They did this
over and over and over.

One piece of advice at a time….

Some people never stop doing it. 🙂

And soon folks are asking you questions about how to this or that.
And you’ll be ready to create something you can offer them, whether
they are IN YOUR business or not. You’ll be their trusted advisor.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

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