Different model of network marketing?

A small group of us are testing a different model of building a networking organization. It’s not the old recruit recruit.

Part I

It’s based on 1) how we buy ourselves and 2) finding bulk customers who buy for the same reasons we do.

About us. The group has all been in various NM businesses for the last 20 years. We’ve run through most of the approaches, including many variations of recruit recruit, online and off. For us doing the business in the USA, the recruit recruit model isn’t getting the traction it used to even five years ago.

So one day a few months ago, we thought, we’re all good customers of regular and NM alternative health products. We’d all rather spend $500 on that than on a new TV. So, we figured, what if we make a focused effort to seek out people who’d buy stuff for the same reasons we do? And not some weenie order, but bulk orders like what we do…

WARNING: If what you’re doing in direct sales and NM is working for you, and you’re happy the way you are, skip this. Or pass it on to any of your babies who are not happy and don’t enjoy the recruit recruit model.

We had a local product demo a few weeks ago, based on this idea. It turned out to be a magical day. I thought you might like to know some of the steps we took that we think made it work so well. They might sound weird, but it’s how we did it.

First we sat down and figured out why we buy alternative health products in general. We immediately realized the reasons were a reflection of our basic personal values. So we set out to attract people just like that. Because they stick. And they don’t penny-pinch about stuff that reflects their basic values.

Here are the questions I ask about a product before I’d buy it or represent it…They’re the same ones we want the invitees to ask, in the same order.

Continued here.

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  • Dawn,

    You wrote, "but what was said on the phone calls that made those people interested in coming to the in-home?"

    What was said was only part of the reason for the turnout. The other part was to whom it was said. If you're going to offer a demo of the latest advances of a specific tennis racquet, you'll get the best turnout if you contact tennis players for your demo.

    So it's both.

    With this approach, you winnow down the group you contact to real potential buyers and talkers about something they are already into.

    That is not possible if a person is selling mostly the potential income of something when they call folks.

    First because that doesn't call to anyone in particular (because everyone says they want more of that) and second, most people can only sell to others what they themselves love and are sold on.

    The organizers were offering a very alternative health product, so they decided to ask only people to come who already used those kinds of products.

    Like the tennis example.

    Does that help?

    Of course, we'll cover this stuff in the upcoming classes.

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