Do I have to shave my beard?

Claude Hopkins, in his classic Scientific Advertising book Scientific Advertising. p. 48 (free copy here.), writes:

“Many things are possible in advertising which are too costly to attempt…E.g. Changing people’s habits is very expensive. To sell shaving soap to the peasants of Russia one would first need to change their beard-wearing habits. The cost would be excessive. Yet countless advertisers try to do things almost as impossible.”

As regular readers know, I heartily agree. When we try to change people, it’s not only costly, it’s also hard on friendships. (Costly: lots of effort and no return.)

Trying to change people works both ways, however.

If you are seeking to increase the sales of your business, chances are that like me, you are on overwhelm with the many programs being promoted out there. I think there’s a new program showing up in my in-box every single day. All promising to show ways to succeed online. I’ve even passed on two or three…

Each one demonstrates how the developers and others have actually made income with it, so we can have some assurance they have indeed done well.


How should you pick a program to buy and then spend your time learning, when there are so many different options?

I’ll take a stab at that, next. If they ask you to shave your beard, well, you’ll know what to say, right?

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