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Network Marketing – Do No Harm…

Network Marketing - Do No HarmWhen you’re recruiting, the easier you make it look how to make 1 million pounds, the more upset folks will be when they discover that marketing is not a fast way to make money.

That’s especially true for those with no previous sales, network marketing, or owned-their-own-business-before type of experience.

And when those folks, usually desperate when they bought in, have a hard time selling back their product (past the 30 days or whatever it is for a company) or selling it to others, or to other reps in their company (who don’t buy because there’s no company credit for those orders since they’re not from the company), the bad mouthing starts. They feel like they were taken advantage of.

And that’s a bad thing. And worse, bad news travels fast.

While each person bears responsibility, make sure your conscience is clear:

Do not contribute to someone else’s misery by overstating how easy or fast this is. Or how it’s a solution for a desperate person to make money fast. NM is NOT easy, fast, or simple – for someone new to sales and marketing, with no entrepreneurial bent.

Saying so can do harm… because they have no way of knowing.

You don’t want that on your head, do ya?

PS Learn what you can say instead, that draws in the motivated ones who don’t know when to quit… It’s what I did. See here….

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