Do-nothing downline…and customers who refund…

embarassed monkeyDo-nothing downline…and customers who refund or don’t buy even AFTER it works…

1) Do nothing downline.

The easier you make it look to earn income in your NM business, the less those who come in expect they’ll have to “do” and the quicker they give up.

So – no blaming the person who quits in 30 days if they came in believing it would be quick, talk to a few friends and share, and the money would start coming in. OK?

Remember, hearing that the former store clerk is making $10,000/mo now gives the impression that zero skills are required. Or that a child can do it…See how they might get that impression that you have to be just STUPID not to make money fast with this?

Is that any way to build up respect for the process of building a business of your own?

2) Customers who refund or don’t buy even WITH results.
If you ask folks to do you a favor and “try the product” there’s a good chance that…

a) you’ll get your sample back, even it it worked for them and

b) they’ll more likely refund if they buy, or drop autoship if they started.


Because, unless

1) YOU know what their values are – like what they already spend per month on say, whole food supplements, or skin cream, or weight loss supplements – they will not stick as customers if their values are not the similar as those that created your product or

2) THEY know what your product values are – there might not be a match and you’ll get a NO you didn’t expect.

Let me explain…

=> Values: Someone spending $6 on Ponds cream each month will not likely be a good prospect for your $75-95 cream. Those are value differences. Not to judge. But to know so you understand why many folks say No.

ALL products on the market – cars, homes, computers, phones – have super high-end, high-end, middle and low-end versions.

Most of us market higher-end products. Gucci quality, versus Walmart quality.

But it’s a free country, and everyone has different values for different things…So they buy DIFFERENT versions of their car, shampoo, food, etc.

=> If someone gets their vitamins, skin care, or weight loss at WalMart, they’ll be paying a LOT LESS than what you’ve got. So unless you want to do therapy…

Marketing is about values. You’re looking for folks with similar values as it relates to your product. So you want to lead with words that let everyone know you have a high-end version of X. Without ever using the product name in the beginning…

That’s what I did in all my companies. Most people who signed didn’t know which company it was, or what the product name was, until they had already decided to join me, or buy the product. (“Demand Marketing” – next class.)

PS A tip to “generate demand” before you talk about your product is here, in this little Facebook explainer workshop.

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