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Do women baby their peeps too much?

If you are someone who babies your team members
(and thinks it’s helping), you will hate your life as a
network marketer.

One gal, earning over $60,000/mo now, said her whole
NM life changed when she learned to not baby her peeps –
namely, to give answers when she had them. Instead, she’s
learned to point to the path where the answer lay…To help
them help themselves. The ultimate you can do for another.

This is EXTRA HARD for women. Minnie tells her story…

“As a woman, when we hear a cry for help, and we know the
answer, we want to give it to them. But I realized I was not
helping them to help themselves. Plus it ended up being
loooong conversations.

“So then, I would point them to my FAQ, or to my videos on
YouTube, or to my assistant. That was better. But even then,
it took up so much of my and my assistant’s time, and most
of the folks were still too needy and stayed needy. Took too
much time and I wanted to find different people for
my business…

“So here’s what I learned and what I do now…

“We (her company-kk) have an audio library, and each time
there’s a question, we ask if they’ve reviewed those audios.
If not – and it is ALMOST ALWAYS ‘NOT’ – we have them go
there and pick the audio they need…

“Whether it’s closing people’, or ‘what to put in their email
to their warm market’, or ‘how to get traffic’ or ‘what to blog
about’ or ‘post on Facebook.’

“Since I have done this, my whole NM life has changed.
I went from $10,000/mo to $60,000/mo within 12 months. Because
now I spend my time building, not baby-sitting.

“I always feel a pang when I hear a cry for help. But now, I’ve
learned that it’s better for THEM to learn to help themselves –
NOT for me to give them the answers. That’s what I do now
and my business has skyrocketed since.”

PS This happens to be a gal in Empower Network. It applies to
any woman in any network marketing company.

PPS PM me if you want to check out Empower the way I do it.

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  • I only work with my top 20%. The rest get a business card with my contact information with the comment,”Call me if you need help”, ” IF” they call they will then be directed to a multitude of online training DVD’s & literature the company puts out, along with how to get certified to qualify for company leads. After this is done call me back and tell me what you learned. The good ones will become 20%’ers. I used to chase people which is a total waste of time.
    Always keep in mind some will, some won’t, so what next.
    Blessings to all,

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