Do you love it madly or is it the money?

Those who have made fortunes suggest that first, you must love it madly. The thing you are doing, that is. For you may be doing it much longer than you first anticipated…

According to the wildly successful Bill Joy, co-creator of Sun Microsystems in 1982, if you want to start a company, “You should do it because it’s an idea that you’re very passionate about, without any financial expectations. You’re not anticipating failure, but you have to accept that if it’s worth doing, and it’s hard, you can’t be guaranteed of success. You have to be doing it for the right reason.” 60 Seconds with Bill Joy, Fast Company, 11/05

If you don’t love your product or the idea of your business madly to begin with, how will you keep the attitude you will need during the hard times?

Check your love it madly quotient for your product and business.

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