The Mistake That Almost Killed Her Business

I made this big fat mistake the first time…And here’s how I corrected it forever…

I had NO idea of the story behind the story. We had no clue…until four years later…

How I finally figured out how to make the right ones come to me

I’ve built five companies to the top over 25 years – earned millions recruiting my way there and – in almost all cases faster than anyone else – I’ve discovered there is really ONE thing that causes SO MANY people so much trouble recruiting.

And that one thing – is a mistaken belief.  If you keep this one belief, I can almost guarantee you that you will never build an organization that will give you enough income to at least AT least quit you job.

My first time, I too, worked from that mistaken belief.  And recruited a bunch of duds who almost all dropped out in my first company. And I almost quite right then and there.

Want to hear the mistaken belief in case you hold that also?

And then I’ll tell you what different belief DID help me become a top producer, recruiter and earner in all five of my companies over the last 25 years.  I built offline and online.

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Kim Klaver


  • If there’s a Humanitarian Award in the direct sales industry, Kim FULLY deserves this Award. Not a second thought about it!

  • Yes, great to review all info. They say it takes on the average 7 times before you actually really get it! Good thing Kim is so easy to listen too.

  • This recording is priceless. You can decide to do it the hard way or you can learn from a master like Kim and save yourself a lot of time, stress and money. It’s your choice.

  • Hi Kim,

    Love your stories, the last one in particular! Priceless wisdom! I was guilty of persuading others to be part of my team (my best intent to help them), only to find out that I wanted them to be successful more than they wanted success themselves!

    Your style is simple and easy to learn. Thank you!

    Viola Tam

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