Do you tell this whopper when you recruit people?

One of my students got this call last week.

“Hello is this Steve?”


“I understand you might be open to making extra money from home. Is that right?”

Yes, I might be. What do you have?

“If I could show you a way to to make $8,000 in 30 days, would you be interested?”

Maybe. Did YOU do that? (Question he learned to ask in class of all business opportunity recruiters pitching him)

“No, actually. I’m new to mlm and hate making these calls, but this is what my sponsor told me to do.”

Another whopper exposed.

Do you know ANYONE in your company, excluding someone with VERY RARE and UNUSUAL circumstances, who earned $8,000 in their first 30 days? Or $5,000?

Are you telling whoppers too?

Sidenote: One of the troublesome aspects of our business is the high drop out. Many networkers are discouraged when, after they get a few people into the business, that most give up or lose interest in the first few weeks or months.

Do you suppose there might be a connection here? Between the whopper you told to get them in, and their “losing interest” when it didn’t happen to them?

What whoppers did ‘they’ tell YOU to tell your prospects? Post them here (comments below) for others to smile at – and then immediately STOP using them.

How else will you feel like someone with integrity?

If your upline insists you tell whoppers to entice others to come into the business, find another sponsor or another company. Because they’ll be telling the same whoppers to people you bring in through honest means.

Do you know anyone who likes being hoodwinked?

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