"Does it work?"

When a new recruiting program, sales method or leads system is brought up, one of the first questions everyone asks is, “Does it work?”

This question is both reasonable and unreasonable.

Reasonable because of course we want to know if it works before we spend money and time. Unreasonable because adopting the new program is not like flipping the switch to the TV or toaster.

Doesn’t a learning program require something more than flipping a switch to see if it works?

I just started a fairly pricey Internet training program. There was no guarantee of success before I laid out some pretty big bucks. The guys teaching it have taken in millions online selling how-to information. Their most recent success was two months ago.

So does their program work? It did for them.

Will it “work” for me?

I don’t know. How can I know? There’s no switch to flip.

I am new at their sort of Internet marketing. I have to do the learning and testing as I go, for the product I am marketing online. So before I’ll know the results, I first have to put in my time and effort, and try things I have not done before. Since it’s an online program, I can choose what I do.

Here’s how I decided to do this program, with no certainty of success: I asked:

What do I have to do to make this work?

When I liked what I’d be learning (some programs – well I don’t want to learn what they do, no matter how successful the people are, you know?) regardless if they “worked” or not this go around, I decided to go for it. And I spend an hour or two a day on it. A lot, for me.

So next time there’s a learning program you’re considering, remember it’s not like a toaster. You can’t just ask, “Does it work?” Or say “That doesn’t work.”

Find out first what you have to do to make it work, what kinds of activities and skills you will get to master, and decide if you want to learn those things, anyway. If they’re useful skills, you can use them in other places.

So it’s all a big experiment.

For the moment, I love what I’m learning. It fits with who I am and how I like to market.

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Kim Klaver


  • We all get solicitations for programs constantly. Some appeal to us. Some get us excited. That’s when we need to be careful. The exciting program speaks our language and we think it will teach us what we want to learn. We quickly develop a belief it will help us. We sign up without thinking carefully about what will be required of us.

    About a year ago I sign up for TF’s program. TF has built a successful Network Marketing business and has been able to teach what he did to his recruits who have also done well. I read the solicitation and I got excited about it. I thought TF’s program would help me. What I did not do was think about what actions were going to be required of me. I wanted to grow my business and TF had a program that has helped MLMers do just that.

    I bought the CDs and anxiously awaited there arrival. When I got them, I went through them right away. Then I went through them again. “Wow, this is great stuff,” I thought to myself. I started joining his live conference calls. It was great. It was great until, the excited waned and my head cleared enough so I could think. It was great until I realized that I would have to make dozens of cold calls every day to make that program work for me. That was the problem. I am not a cold caller. I despise it. I’d starve to death rather than make cold calls. (I’m being literal, starve to death.)

    I would have saved myself money, wasted time and misdirected effort if only I had clearly thought through what TF was teaching. Do I think TF’s program is bad? No, it’s a great program for cold callers. Right material, wrong audience.

  • All network marketers are looking for “marketing systems” that work well for them individually while staying in compliance with their company requirements.

    i would agree with Connelly….. consider your personality and what the system will require from you.

    If you are not a writer or a cold caller and that is the basis of the system, another system might be more effective for you personally.

    Brenda Bunney

  • Kim….

    I always love how you think just beyond the obvious answer. In this case, pointing out that there is no magic switch for everyone, but the key is what will YOU have to put into it to make it work.

    Unfortunately, sometimes network marketers are looking for a system that will do all the work for them and they forget that THEY are the most important element of all. That’s the key to networking. Engage people with your personality and what you have to offer.


  • Connelly,

    If every person you “cold called” received you warmly and signed up for your program, would you still rather starve than cold call?

    Isn’t it the nasty rejection and angry words on the other end of the phone that cause you to despise cold calling?

    I applaud you for your honest sharing about a personal mistake. Be assured you are not alone.

    I just wanted to sow a thought. Be careful of the attitudes toward the telephone that you allow your mind to develop. Anytime you speak to a stranger for the first time, you could think it to be a cold call even if they had requested your call.

    With all the amazing tools and technologies we have available to us for marketing, the telephone is still the most potent.

    In the least common denominator, those at the top of their pay plan are there because they talked to more people than anyone else and got better at it as they went along. No exceptions that I have encountered.


    Tom Doiron

  • Thanks, all.

    Judy – you write “Unfortunately, sometimes network marketers are looking for a system that will do all the work for them”

    Could this have something to do with what the upline and trainers offer?

    Aren’t these expectations set up by the sellers of the systems?

  • Great stuff here. And wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic pill?

    When I started internet marketing 8 years ago, I was so green I looked like a vegetable!

    I was so committed though, that what I didn’t know and what I was going to have to do didn’t matter. I was willing to go for it.

    The first commitment I made was to stay in education mode, as I know the internet is still new and still always changing.

    Is it easy – not always.

    Is it effective – yes, if it fits with your personality and what you want to do.

    Is it duplicable – again, only by those who embrace what it offers and commit to the same process.

    Kim, keep us posted. And good for you for staying in learner mode, too!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Street Smart Wealth

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