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Don’t Want To Act? What’s Holding You Back?

Keep Going - Network MarketingThis just set me off. Just want to hug this person and put some wind beneath her wings… She was answering: What’s holding you back?

…if I don’t do the activity, then I won’t get partners – and maybe that’s easier than doing the activity and still not getting partners? I don’t want to be ridiculed…

Anyone else having this issue? Where you’ve concluded that it’s better not to try than to “fail”? Because they’ll ridicule you – or worse, you’ll ridicule yourself?

If so, picture this older, heavy set grumpy man: Thomas Edison – whose mind was – wrote an elementary school teacher in a note to his mother, “too addled to take an education.”

Yeah right.

Edison did nothing but experiment. Trial and error. Trial and error. Trial and error. 1,000 times BEFORE he got a lightbulb to work. Countless more times for everything else he invented.

Do not EVER get down on your own ambitions because others tell you how easy this is. Or “Just follow the system!” And now you feel stupid because you’ve done some of that and nobody has signed up yet.

Following any system does not guarantee jack in terms of results. It gives you something to do to get started, but does not guarantee results.

Because. Others. Have. To. Say. Yes.

And you can’t control others.

System or not, it is NOT easy to find business partners…or customers…once your warm market is off the table. Even WITH them on the table. Ha.Ar

Remember Edison. Try 1,000 different ways to approach, to FU, to help and realize you are building your marketing moxie.

Take time. Arnold didn’t get to look like the Terminator in six months.


PS Some recruiting tips to help you get one or two active partners

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