Door-to-door stats for the U.S. President

The U.S. Presidential campaigns tell their volunteers what the door-to-door numbers are…up front.

From an email tonight for one of the U.S. presidential campaigns:

“What we need the most are door-to-door canvassers. This is the area where we really need your help. This is where we have the biggest potential to pick up votes. Studies have shown that we can pick up 1 vote for every 12 people we contact.

“So it becomes a numbers game much like voter registration where if you can talk with 36 people then you can be responsible for picking up 3 votes. That may not sound like much but when we have 1000 volunteers doing that each day in the state then we can turn the election.

This is why the door-to-door folks don’t break down and cry on every corner. They know going in what the numbers are.

The numbers for door-to-door product sales are no different. Nor for cold calling, assuming the people you’re calling are at least somewhat interested in the type of product you sell. If not, they’re much worse.

So stop blaming yourself. OK? It’s not you. It’s the NM recruiters who hide the numbers from you – because they’re afraid you wouldn’t sign up if they told you the truth.

P.S. Pass on these numbers to any newbie you sign up. That is one thing the U.S. presidential campaign recruiters are doing right.

P.P.S. The numbers are the same today as they were years ago, when I was going door-to-door selling Christmas cards for my Dad’s company. I was eight years old.

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  • Where I live, there is a big campaign going on for a state congressional seat. Combined, the candidates have spent almost a million dollars for a position that pays $15,000 a year.

    I have had both parties knock on my front door. I love to interact with them, especially since I know how tough door-to-door can be.

    I asked one person, after they knocked and handed me a nice, glossy brochure, “What is the difference between your candidate and the other one? Why are they a better choice?”

    They smiled, shifted their feet and said they really didn’t know! Then they asked me to hold on a second, as they ran to get answers from the person who was working the houses on the other side of the street.

    A missed opportunity, for sure.

    Maybe they should have replied, “My candidate is campaigning for voters who…”

  • What is your experience with door hangers? Can’t be as effective as speaking to someone, but you can cover more ground faster. Do they work at all?

  • Hey Bret:

    Re door hangers…yes you can cover more ground, but it depends on what is being offered. What would make YOU respond and how, to a door hanger? Depends what’s in it, yes?

    Would you use a sample?

    Would you use a discount coupon?

    Would you buy something described on a door hanger?

    Samples are expensive, but those worked in the 60’s to introduce dishwashing liquid and in the 90’s for AOL when they handed out the CDs.

    Discount coupons are another option, depends on whether the person would buy such a product to begin with…

    There are many things to consider, and the best advice I can give is to test different things with small samples – like 30-50 door hangers, and see what happens.

    I have never done door hangers, although I have done lots of door to door.

    Hope that helps a little.

    Do any readers have experience to add?

  • My product would be of interest to people with high cholesterol or general concerns about heart health. There is an upscale housing area near me where EVERY homeowner is 55 or older – one of the rules of the community.

    My doorhanger would start with Concerned about heart health? and provide a few details on benefits. Then I thought I would provide an 800 number where the recording would offer a free sample to anyone interested.

    That way I could meet the people that might be interested in my product.

  • RE: “Concerned about heart health? “

    I think you’d need to be more clever than that these days. Everyone there likely IS concerned, so you’d be asking the “too obvious” question.

    Not easy these days, but something more engaging will probably be necessary. 🙂

  • Bret:

    Re “Want to enjoy that nice house of yours longer?”

    Hmm…doesn’t do much for me. But here’s the thing: TEST these and see how people respond. That’s the best.

    Doesn’t really matter what I think anyway…it’s what the people who get the door hangers think and how they react (or not) to what’s printed there.

    You really have to test and see what might work, and how many steps it takes until a right one buys the product.

  • Oh I was just kidding about the house one 🙂

    Let me ask you this – if the negative about the “health” one is that everyone is concerned about that, isn’t that in a way a positive?

    If I don’t “catch” someone with the opening line, is it of value to atleast not eliminate them?

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