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Downside of Empower Network

Some of you know I’ve added Empower (EN) to my plate.

While I am personally earning pretty obscene income after 8 weeks
(email me if u really want to know – and my income is no guarantee
for yours) there is something I have to clarify to each member –
BEFORE they sign up:

“Buying any EN programs (or buying ANYTHING from any
NM company) does NOT make you any money. Period.
You have just SPENT money. Do you see that?”

The excited person pauses. Um, ahh. “But shouldn’t I do
everything to go “All In”?

(“All In” – jargon bandied about to encourage members to buy
all the EN educational marketing programs, about $5k total.)

So I have to tell the person, yes, of course you can go All In
especially if you want to have all the learning programs

Going All In does not, by itself, earn
you one thin dime.

Did you know that? (I wait for this to register)

Because. You have to bring in CUSTOMERS who buy stuff, to
make one cent. No customer orders, no money for you. No
new affiliates or reps, no override money from your downline.

RULE #1 Buying stuff does not earn you one dime –
by itself.

RULE #2 Getting orders from customers, and finding affiliates/reps who do the same thing – THAT is
what gets you any income you want.

(If the goal is something else, socializing, having friends with
similar values, or armchair philosophizing from inactive reps or
very part time reps with other primary sources of income, no
problem. Then income from their NM is not a serious the goal.)

But if meaningful INCOME is your goal, bringing in orders and
recruits is what you must focus on doing.

Sigh. So it’s SELLING and recruiting, not buying. that
gets you the big income.

So that’s what I teach. And remind peeps of constantly.
Especially in EN.

PS. I want my folks to MAKE money, not just spend it.
That’s IF their goal is INCOME, vs just education.

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