Early Retirees In New Ventures, Mostly for…

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Imagine that. Loving it and having fun. NOT in it for the money. (And nobody’s rich.)

What better reason to get into a business of your own, given how hard it is?

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P.S. Doing a business of your own because you need money fast is probably one of the worst reasons to do it. Because there is no fast money in a new business. The hype notwithstanding. But of course you have discovered that, yes?

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  • You should always have fun at what you do. If you do it purely for the money, you will never make the money you want to make.

    Mark Twain said it best “Make Your Vocation, Your Vacation”

    Find what your true passion is and do that. If you have a passion, there are chances that others do to and will pay to see it or experience it or learn it.

    Don’t think you can make money with your passion? Think again. There was a man on Oprah recently whose career is BLOWING BUBBLES – yes – the kind of bubbles you blew with a wand as a kid. If he can make a career out of that, you can make a career out of anything.

    I would not recommend network marketing unless you are either:

    Passionate about your product
    Passionate about your service
    Passionate about helping others
    Passionate about interacting with others

    Here’s what I always tell anyone who wants to join my business:

    If you need money NOW – go get a job. This is not a get rich quick scam.

    Find your passion. Make your vocation your vacation.

    ~Roxanne Green~

  • I completely agree with your P.S. Doing a business of your own for fast money usually never works, and it will only leave you more frustrated.
    People often mistakenly think that Internet=quick=quick money
    It just doesn’t work like that.

  • Kurt – You write “People often mistakenly think that Internet=quick=quick money
    It just doesn’t work like that.”

    That is how most network marketing opportunities are sold, however. Imagine an oportunity meeting without the hype of the big fast money and new lifestyle?
    Many money making “opportunities” online are sold as fast, secrets of the great and mighty, but once someone pays in, the truth lights come on. THEN they learn it might be a year of total commitment, and effort, and spending money to build it.

    Yeah right.

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