“Everyone who wears that size, bought something.”

Old: “Invite everyone. Any warm body will do.
Just fill the room.
New: “Sort for people looking for the size shoe
you will be offering at your event.” – Tifanny M

Former-teacher-turned-MLMer, Tifanny M, learned how to put on
a tiny Wow Event and carefully chose her guests. It just
kept spreading…She reports today:

Hi Vic and Kim,
“Dec 1 2011.
I did a trial run [of my Wow Event] with 3 of my
tried and true friends, already product users [but not in the business].

Dec 3
we ([TM and Vic Link] consulted (part of the HHM program).

Since Dec 3 (today Dec 17):

* 5 gatherings.
* 3 of my people organized 1 party each for their people
* 15 different people
* 12 first-timers to hear about my company –
   7 new people purchased – 58%
* $820 worth of product sold
* $163.80 profit to me + $164.20 profit to my people
* couple of orders from newbies pending
* one irregular customer is purchasing deluxe kit, and
* all my initial very part timers are getting with the program.”

Secret? Tiffany thinks she knows:

“It’s the size 8 shoes.  So far, everyone who wears that size,
bought something. I never realized sales were so closely
linked to the invitation.”

That’s what she said.

Learn to put on a Wow Event like Tiffany did (not cheap,
comes with private consult).
Learn how to offer your size 8 shoe to those who wear size 8.

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