Extra income, anyone?

Are you surprised when someone who says they want extra income doesn’t want to do your business?


Here’s the story.

Many people are indeed looking for extra income. They want to do something from home like medical transcription, sorting, sticking, proofreading, etc.

These all are (presumably) guaranteed swaps – so 39 finished pages @$15/page gets her $585, or a 11 hours of telemarketing for $12/hour gets him $132.

That’s VERY different from a business of one’s own.

A business requires some up front money. A proofreading job at home does not. A business has risk – you risk your time, your money, your effort, your self-esteem, your relationships – all these are on the line. And perhaps most of all – there is NO guaranteed income with your own business. There is with “jobs.”

But, you say, don’t they see the “big picture” Where is their vision?

They may very well see the big picture, but they are not ready now to take the risks involved in making that big picture real. It’s not instant and most people realize that. But they need instant right-now income.

So don’t blame the prospect or yourself.

Just know that when someone says they want extra income, it does not necessarily mean they’re ready for a business. Most people are NOT looking to start a little business of their own. They want something where the time and money is fixed in advance, like any job.

So don’t take it personally, ok?

Just know that’s how the majority of folks are most comfortable, and keep on looking for that special one who wants something of their own. They’re out there. Only don’t confuse them with someone who’s just looking for extra income.

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