Facebook Bots and Click Funnels is not enough…

Tools are not the answer. FB ads, FB messaging, Bots, Funnels, Landing pages, email…etc….
Here’s why…

You get the ManyChat bot. CHECK.

And now…What are the words, what are the messages and offers that you’ll put into them, which people would receive?

You get ClickFunnels. CHECK.

And now…What words will you put on the landing page template they have? What will you put on the little intro video?

The words come from you knowing your message and your offer.

The words in your message and offer flow from (knowing) your niche:

WHO you can help, with your magic power, to get what they want
without doing things they don’t WANT to do…

If you want some tips on researching your niche so you can talk to them using THEIR words, so their ears perk up the moment you open your mouth, or type your message…watch this movie and get ready for a big fat surprise…

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