Facebook hates home-based businesses…

Facebook Thumbs downFacebook hates home-based businesses…

What I mean is, Facebook’s users hate them, and therefore the haters
complain and report, and then Facebook responds. They
no ads or promotions for ANY home based business.

And now, they’re going after fan pages of those who run ANY type of home based business. Because of the haters who report report report.

Just tonight I heard from an old pal who has a very successful
home-based business and has 10K+ fans.
They have threatened to shut the site down because of the haters.
Because it’s about one of those home-based businesses.

Home-based business owners and promoters are not safe on
Facebook long term. Not if you want to sell your products and find
new reps or affiliates. If you just socialize no problem. But is that
why you’re on Facebook with your business?

Isn’t finding customers and reps what you want from Facebook?

Chances are getting lower and lower that you can get that fast.
No matter what FB courses you buy, if the haters find out you’re
promoting a home-based business, you’re out. They take down your
ads and likely your Fan page.

Bottom line:

If you are hoping to use the Internet to build your
business FAST (not over 3 years writing posts and getting
good at writing each day) you MUST find other ways to get
eyeballs to see your site with your stuff offered for sale.

The best, fastest and safest way – online – is TRAFFIC.

You MUST learn to master the art and science of getting
say 5,000 visitors to your site ANY DAY of the week.
AND converting them to buyers.

And I mean NOT be dependent on haters of home based businesses
and affiliate businesses, like Facebook, Google and YouTube.

IF you are serious at all about selling stuff and finding
reps or affiliates.

That’s why I’m learning how to generate massive Traffic to
my sites with my programs and courses. I’m happy to pay for
a program that teaches me how to bring 5,000 visitors, or
10,000 visitors EACH DAY to my website with my products there.

If you want to get 5,000 visitors to YOUR website each day – learn how –
email me here.

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  • Hi Kim,
    I wonder what would actually happen if all the people who are home business owners and/or in direct sales all of a sudden decided to pull out from Facebook, Google and Youtube. Who would be left? Isn’t that how they all got they’re big brake, with us business owners? Who started buying the ads? Just sayin’.


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