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How to Get Paying Customers on Facebook Messenger (Without Paid Ads or Chatbots)

Facebook Messenger Marketing
Written by Kim Klaver

Do you think the only way to do Facebook Messenger marketing is by paying for ads? Or setting up those confusing chatbots?

And even then, it’s hit or miss?

Let me show you how I’ve gotten paying customers and recruited affiliates through Facebook Messenger—even without paid advertising or bots.

Sure, you can use ads. But if you learn https://www.10xwhitelabel.com/white-label-web-development/ and know how to get results for free, then you can add money to it and it’ll work even better.

So how did I do it?

Begin with A Good Message

Facebook Messenger Marketing - message

The key is to have a good message.

And a good message is one that comes from within you. If you have a way to be unique with what you offer, you’ll stand out. And that means people will notice you and that means they might want to come over and buy your stuff because you’re unique and different.

If you’re robotic and you sound like everybody else who’s marketing the same product, then you’ll get exactly the results all those people get—which for most people online is hardly anything.

Let’s say you run an ad and you pay $50,000 to run a half-page ad in the New York Times, and it says something like, “We’ve got the greatest weight loss product in the history of the world. Call this number and get your deal.”

How many people do you think are going to respond to that? You paid a lot of money but it’s not a very good ad. You probably wouldn’t fill it in and send in a coupon, if it just said that.

Why? Because there is no message except how great you are.

Nobody Gives One Bean About How Great We Think We Are

We may think we’re great, but nobody else cares.

And unless you figure that out, you can pay Facebook money, you can pay the New York Times money, you can pay anybody money, but if the message is no good, if it doesn’t resonate with anyone, then whether you pay for it or not, people are not going to respond.

It’s not about paying money, or saying stuff loudly, or saying you’re the best. It’s quite the opposite.

Instead, unplug from everything, just a little bit every day. Sit down and think, “What is it about what I’m marketing that appeals to me? What is it about the product that I like?”

And start there.

Put Your Stamp on It

You will discover that you can create messages that reach out to people just like you that you never would have gotten had you gone around saying how great you think your company is. Of course, the company thinks they’re great and when you’re over there at the meetings you better think they’re great. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be a part of it.

But for the rest of the world out there, they couldn’t care less. They don’t care about you or the product. If you aren’t aware of that, you’ll just look like one of those overzealous religious people in one of those cults. And that usually turns off a lot of people. There’s no reason to turn anybody off.

So, take whatever product or business you’re marketing and put your stamp on it. That will always make it unique. It becomes something only you can do.

And that’s your edge in business, something only you can do better than anyone else for your clientele, for your tribe. That’s what it means to be in business. And if you want a monopoly, then you want to be able to do that one thing better than anyone else.

And how do you compete? With yourself. And you’ll get your thousand fans, you’ll see.

Close the Sale on Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger marketing - close the sale

I won a five-month contest with SendOutCards (and my sidekick, Vicki Link, won second place) by closing on Facebook Messenger.

At the time, I had just learned how to use Facebook.

Facebook has two billion users. Do you think they’re waiting for your sales message? Are they waiting for you to say, “Hey listen, buy this or buy that”?

They’re not.

We’re talking about people who know you or know your name, at least. This isn’t a cold market, but this is quasi-warm marketing. You market to people who are connected with you on Facebook. In addition to Facebook, you can also start a blog and promote various businesses to earn extra cash. There are definitely many niches you can go into for blogging. Home improvement affiliate programs are in plenty so you can check that niche out and pick a topic to write about.

They know your name, but they’re doing their own thing on Facebook right now. They have no idea your message is coming because, of course, you’ve been scheming and plotting and thinking, “What am I going to say? How am I going to do this? I gotta hit up Lulu.”

So How Do You Get Their Attention?

What would you say that would get their attention and make them disconnect from what they’re doing? They have to disconnect and not get annoyed at you. This is a big deal, particularly for people you know. You don’t want them to get annoyed at you.

You message them.

But how do you do that? How about this:

“Oh, hey. I’ve got this amazing card sending service. Fabulous company. You must see this.”

Would that be a good message? If you got that message, would you stop everything you’re doing and see what it is? Would you respond to it?

That’s not a good message. That would not intrigue anybody. But usually, people send messages that are just like that. “Hey, I’ve got this great thing. Hey, I just learned about this great new deal. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!”

That’s 99 percent of the messages I get, but you see, most people won’t pay attention to messages like that.

Instead, try this:


Call Their Name

Facebook messenger marketing - call their name

Call their name. That’s it.

And then what? Wait for an acknowledgment.

The silence that you use is what will get you nine out of 10 of your people.

And it’s very hard for most people to do because they want to say something like, “You’re going to love it.”

Don’t project anything onto anybody. Just hang back and be cool. Wait for the acknowledgment. If you don’t get it, don’t say anything more.

You’ll see in Messenger if the other person has seen your message. Facebook lets you, the sender, know that they have seen it.

If you know that they saw but they don’t write something back, then do nothing anymore.

But most of the time, they will respond.

Here’s What I Say Next:

“Do you use email much in your business?”

If the person goes, “Nah,” I let go. I send them a smiley and I say no more about it in Messenger. Nothing more.

This will be the hardest for you to do. Just type, “Okay great thanks. Talk later.” Smiley and that’s it. Nothing more because they’re not interested.

Now if somebody says, “Yes, I do. Why?” then here’s my next message:

“Just wondering if you’re seeing people who don’t open their emails much anymore. Are you seeing that?”

Lulu goes, “Yeah really. I don’t open some of mine either.”

Then I might say:

“Well you know they say it’s like five to 10 percent of people that open their email anymore.”

Lulu might say something like, “Yeah. Sounds bad. Really, that’s right. Sounds bad.”

Then I say,

“Well, how are you going to sell anything if no one opens your email?”

That’s it. Just leave it.

And Lulu goes, “I know, right?”

Then I say,

“We’re testing something with 100 percent open rate.”

She goes, “Really? 100 percent opens? Everybody opens it?”


Nothing else. Pause. Breathe….

The Magic of Pausing

Facebook messenger marketing - magical pause

You’ll see she read it but she doesn’t say anything. You do not speak, either. Don’t type anything or do anything or start frothing or anything like that.

Just be cool. Be quiet. Wait.

Usually, they’ll come back with something like, “Well, how does it work? What is it?”

And then you’ll be ready to pounce on this poor creature on the other side, but you don’t do that. Remember? You’re always hanging back, always being cool.

I tell them:

“It’s an online postcard sending service. Real cards, not the dumb online ones. They actually show up in your mailbox.”

That’s it. Nothing else.

And then I wait. Pause until the next piece of the message:

“You like getting postcards?”

She goes, “Yeah. I do.”

And then, of course, she’ll ask, “How does it work? How do you do that?”

I say:

“Well, do you want to see a demo?”

What do you think she’s going to say?

Demonstrate the Product

Facebook Messenger Marketing - product demo

I’ll bet just from reading this that even you would like to see a demo. Curious so far? Yes, because it’s cool, right?

Everybody who got this far in the conversation said, “Yeah, I do. I do want to see a demo.”

And there are ways to make demo’s out of everything you market. Day or night, there isn’t a product you have that I cannot invent a demo for. Or for somebody to get a sense of what it is without any samples or any of that.

“I do,” she says.

So I say:

“Are you on a computer? Not an iPhone, or Android, or whatever, you know.”

And she goes, “Oh, I’m at work. Text me a link and I’ll check it when I get home.”

That’s a common response, but I don’t leave them alone to check it out by themselves because they’ll never get to it.

I say:

“Okay. Let me know when you get to a computer. There’s a trick.”

And then she says, “Can you send it now?”

Do the Demo with Them

But I stand firm:

“When will you be home?”

She says, “About six.”

I say:

“Okay, text me when you get there and then I’ll show you the demo.”

Now, if you’re talking to another marketer, they’ll ask, “What’s the company?” or “What’s the product?”

I tell them:

“I’ll tell you the whole thing and the gossip, too, after the demo. Deal?”

Because there’s always gossip.

Finally, she goes, “Okay, see you tonight.”

That’s the deal.

That’s how nearly all of these Messenger conversations went.

We did the demo online together. Lulu on her computer, me on my computer, and we stayed on Facebook Messenger the whole time.

She would have her window open to see the demo and we would be on Facebook Messenger, chatting about the demo. “Do you see this?” “Yep.” “See that?” “Yep.” And we’d do it together. I’d do it on my computer, and she’d do it on hers.

How Much Is It?

At the end of the demo, the price would come up. And here’s my routine:

“They have this package for $389. It gets you totally set up. But I suggest that you test it first. They have this little tester for $9. Do you want to start with that and see if you love it first?”

Most folks liked it like I did.

And if they didn’t, if they said, “Well, you know I’m not a computer person. I don’t really want to… And I’m not very artsy and I don’t think it’s whatever,” then say:

“Great. Now you know about it, thanks for checking it out. I’ll catch you later.”

Always Say Goodbye First

Facebook Messenger Marketing - Say goodbye first

I always said “talk later” or “catch you later” first.

Several times, people say, “Wait, wait. Well maybe …”

Then I’d say:

“What? You like it? I’m not artsy-fartsy but I sure like this particular thing. It’s a very neat little service.”

And just about everybody who got this far said yes.

Effortless Recruiting

About 50 percent of them said, “Well, I want to sell it. Can I sell it like you sell it?”

I say:


Some of them ask, “Will you show me how to do it? If I come in and sign up, will you show me how to sell it just like this? So I can do to other people what you just did to me because I really like that?”

And I would tell them:

“Yep. I’ll do it. That’s a deal. You sign up and I’ll show you just what to do so you can do it like this and that’ll solve the problem.”

I use the way that I did it because people seemed to like it so much. We’ve done this probably thousands of times by now over these last few years. It’s such a wonderful way to do it.

That’s it.

That’s what I do to get paying customers on Facebook Messenger. No paid ads, no chatbots, just me conversing with another person like a human, not like a marketer.

Wrap Up

Facebook messenger marketing - happy business owner

Who, exactly, said yes?

First of all, somebody who does marketing with email.

Second, somebody who’s worried about low open rates.

Because if open rates are low, the chances of people clicking on email links is in the tank. Email marketers want to test alternatives to get their message out. They want to test something else.

Do you see why there is an interest? Why a marketer would want this?

And as you saw, I have a me-specific thing. My ideal audience are those email marketers. That’s my niche that I completely invented from the way I decided to use that service. As far as I know, no other affiliate of that company did it that way because we’re all different.

Whatever you market, whether it’s your business, or whether it’s another company’s product or service, market it and find your audience based on why you like it and how you’re using it. Make it you-specific.

That way, you create your own ideal audience and your own niche.

All of us have these little quirks. You weave yours into what you decide to market and how you market. And you’ll find crazy people just like you.

You don’t need that many. Wouldn’t you be happy with a couple hundred paying customers to start? This is how you create your own ideal audience and your own niche.

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