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Five steps to build an instant list online

“I don’t have a list!”

Five steps to build a list online:

1. Identify one kind of traffic you seek (e.g. PEEPS WHO
want to make money, lose weight, get energy…)

2. Buy quality online traffic from a source who specializes in
THAT type of traffic.

3. Set up a cool and sexy landing page (NOT your company website!)
where a person can enter their email to get more info about your
super offer. When they enter their email, they’re added to
your list (ta da!)

4. Make sure that after the person enters their email, the page
immediately directs them to your opportunity: Either to an engaging
(non-corporate looking) video, or a Free Report (PDF) with cool
tidbits they want to know about…you get the idea.

5. When you have some people ‘opt in’ (= enter their email) you
have begun your list. Presto! A list of folks in your “make money
online list” or your “lose weight list” or whatever.

Once you have this list going (of course you keep building it)
chances are good a small percent will buy. Say 1-2%. That leaves
you 98% who still WANT the thing you offered – lose weight or
make money or whatever – and you can, if you want, send them a
different offer at a later date. And make some income right there.

Or create useful tips in between so they come to know and appreciate
what you can do for them.

Anyway. This is one way to build your own list (and your business)
in the ‘new world’ – the Internet.

Once you experience how emotionally painless it is to build a list
this way, it’s very hard to go back to the one-on-one begging and
pleading mode.

NOTE: You BUY traffic. Versus getting people one by one by hitting up
people you know or people you get to know.

Remember – back in the day – we’d run a classified ad in the paper?
We paid for the ad. Why? Because the paper had what we all wanted: Readers.

In the online world, the traffic guys are one group that has that –
access to people looking for opportunities to make money online, or
lose weight, etc.

These are a few things this former belly-to-belly and phone person
is mastering these days. Hehehe.

If this is something you’d like to learn, email me. Remember, these
programs are what Empower Network offers,
so that’s how you’d be learning these skills, too.

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