Five things to know about an NM company before you sign up

Here are five things…you’ll probably have another idea or two…

1. Besides recruiting, do they encourage you to build a genuine customer base? (people who have not signed up for the business) ‘Encourage’ means they pay you at least 10% on the preferred customer price of the product. Off the top.

2. Do they rely on promises of big income and that mansion on the hill to extract money from folks who have no previous business experience?

3. Is the product genuinely premium quality – for the premium prices most NM companies charge?

4. Does the company make an honest effort to educate the reps about the NM business model, and what it takes to make it?

5. Is there a quick and no-questions-asked refund policy on product packages bought at the big rah rah meetings or any other time?

Your additional suggestions welcome.

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Kim Klaver


  • Yes, and remember that a lot of the hype and big flashy cars, mansions and promises are done by a few overzealous distributors and not typically the company.

    Support is important, and my thoughts are that most of that should come from the sponsor and upline.

    Support from the company is important in customer service; product questions; issues and ordering and certainly paycheck issues.

    Beyond that, the upline will be the one most often to provide tools, training and education!

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer
    Street Smart Wealth Group

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