Five things you should know about network marketing before you start.

1. It’s not easy
2. You have to like talking to people about what you like.
3. Your friends might not buy from you
4. Some people will think you’re doing something kind of “low rent”
5. If you don’t really love the products it’s much harder

What would you add?

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Kim Klaver


  • Kim,

    I love this list! You are so right on…

    I think why people think MLM is so easy is because in reality it is a “simple concept….”Connecting people who love the products you like…but I think what throws it off is the “people factor” dealing and managing people is one of the most difficult things to do on this planet, if you don’t have the RIGHT SKILLS.

    The “people will think you are doing something low rent couldn’t reign more true”…Love how you put it…

    Bottom line…we love our products, love the people we are working with, we love the way we are changing peoples lives with our products, and truly love how we are changing our personal lives with the products. As long as you continue to stay focused on that you can achieve anything you want in MLM adding to that by having the RIGHT SKILLS.

    Another thing I would add would be…”Network Marketing is not a CONVINCING business…but rather a SORTING business.”

    Another thing…”To be successful in network marketing you need to have the right SKILLS”…because if you don’t have the right skills to talk with people…you can talk to hundreds and really be losing GREAT prospects (As said by my upline) ….As industry legend says…Tom “Big Al” Schreiter says…There is no such thing as a good or bad prospect…we create good or bad prospects by what we say to them…

    What are you saying to your prospects?….is it pushing them away?…Is it attracting them to you to ask for more information?

    Have a great day!
    Scott Bradley

  • Kim, don’t forget the get rich over night promise and the friends and family list of 100. Everyday I receive emails makig all these promises.

  • I would add:
    6. It’s not a “get rich quick” program, although it can become hugely profitable over time. The key is consistent activity.
    7. It’s not something that can be done in a vaccuum. Attending events is critical for helping you stay focused, encouraged and knowledgable about the product. Take advantage of the resources available to you.


  • 6. Your family will as you “is this one of those pyramid things?”

    7. You’ll have people say to you “those things never work”.

    8. You’ll do well if you’re honest with people about your love for your product.

  • The ‘stupid’ or ‘obscene’ money . . . translated ‘financial freedom’ and seemingly always touted . . . may never come. OR, it if does, it’s probably going to take a few years to achieve, so be prepared and don’t give up (if that’s what you want)!

    A Johnson Enterprise

  • In addition to yours, my 5 would be………

    Has the company been in biz for more than 5 years?

    Are they making a profit?

    What are the monthly quotas that need to be met?

    Does the company have products that consumers are actually buying?

    Can the person on the bottom make money?


  • 6.Be prepared to actually work
    7.Be prepared to follow up
    8.What other people think of me is none of my business
    9.It’s instant gratification
    10.It’s not a get rich quick scheme

  • 6.Be prepared to actually work
    7.Be prepared to follow up
    8.It’s not a get rich quick business
    9.Don’t take things personally
    10. Be in it for the long term

  • You KNOW, from the things that the company and its reps say and do, what they’re really like.

    Learn to do your homework. This is a business. Due diligence is essential. Don’t let your emotions lead you.

  • Kim, Great List…

    Here’s what I might add…

    6. If you wish to build a profitable network, you will have to help lots of people.

    7. You must love helping people.

    8. You don’t have to be Great to get Started, But you have to get Started to be Great!

    9. We must help build YOU before your situation can get better.

  • How about adding?…

    Think you could do it if I showed you how? Attached you to my hip & gave you a Mentoring Hand?

  • Re the “it’s not a get rich quick deal” does the first one cover it: “It’s not easy”?

    How about adding these three:

    “If your sponsor or someone else in the company is making big money, that doesn’t mean you will.”


    “Would you buy the products if you were not going to be selling them?”


  • If you don’t want to sell anything it’s probably not a good fit.

    If you need a weekly paycheck, best to get an hourly job.

    Learn to say no first to the many people not interested in what you have. Only a select few will be interested so you will need the drive to keep moving forward with belief in your product and the business model.

    And all the above comments.

  • 6. You need to believe in yourself – if not, have someone who believes in you until you do.

    7. Believe in the company and products.

  • Of the several that I’ve already seen, you have to account for the following:

    – Be prepared to take the “NO” answer.
    – Emailing the prospect doesn’t work.
    – Mass mailing doesn’t work
    – Marketing to those other than your market segment gets you nothing
    – Be prepared to get hung up on
    – Be ready to handle the “How much did you make so far in your business?” question.

    my few cents,

    Sidney Juachon

  • Self-Esteem is a prerequisite to success. When one has good self-esteem, they do not fear what others will think of them. When you have fear of failure, it is because you have a fear of what others will think………if you fail……

  • There were some really great responses here so far.

    ~ It’s not for everyone.

    ~ People will join you, some may quit along the way. You can’t let that stop you, you have to over-compensate for that by continually bringing in more people yourself.

    ~ It may take longer than you want it to. You have to stick with it and stay focused.

    ~ You may need to invest in some training to learn more about how to do this type of business.

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