Four minutes: 7AM

I told this story to hundreds of Helper Healer Marketers,
and today, Kim asked me
to tell it to you…Dr. Quila (Acupuncturist and RN).

“I was scheduled to give a presentation of my product in front of
hundreds of people at a coffee last month. For two weeks, I planned and polished my 45-minute presentation.

“On the day of, I got there at 6:35am, notes and slides in hand. The organizer
then dropped on me that I had 4 minutes.

4 minutes???!!!???

“I knew I had to Wow them and quick, so I pretty much ‘channeled’ some
Wow techniques I learned in the Helper Healer Marketer program. (I’ll tell you
all about it when you join us and we become friends.)

“Bottom line, in my four minutes at 7am, I did one of those Wow demos I learned
in Helper-Healer.  Like Apple does.

“After my four minutes, I had a big crowd of people gathered around my table.
The hostess told me it was the biggest crowd they’d seen gather around a
presenter in the entire three-year history of this event.

“And since then, I’ve had two more home Wow events. Each with 10+ people
and distributor enrollments and sales.

“Kim’s Helper Healer program has helped me become a Helper Healer success story.”

“Here are some pictures I— helper-healer that I am— have had hanging on my wall for
the past 15 years….I took them with my iPhone to show you.


“PS I am a real doctor of acupuncture and full time network marketer.  If you’d like to get
first hand info about Kim’s Helper Healer course and how it’s helped me, email me here.
I am not being compensated for this message.  I just love her program. It saved my NM career.

“I am happy where I am, so don’t pitch me a deal, OK? Of course, Kim’s readers would never do such a thing.” — Dr. Quila

PS — From Kim: The live calls for Helper Healer Marketer begin again Saturday, September 24.  Once a month updates on stuff people are doing to wow their audiences all over the world.  A la Apple. Plus you get a private little consultation with one of the course teachers—Vic or me.

PPS. Did you know Apple is now the #1 most valuable company in the world?  Just passed
Exxon. Because they know how to wow.  You ready?  Come right in. Here.

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  • This is a real WOW story! I know Kim’s training has helped me but Dr. Quila’s wow in 4 minutes is awesome!
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience Dr. Quila ☮

  • You both deserve applause – Dr Quiler for all the time she gives us with our Networking company and Kim for the drive and the way she unselfishly shares her knowledge with others. Thank you both. The world needs more like you.

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