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Get 20 customers at once…

B & W crowd Fotolia_67891067_SGet 20 customers at once…

Here’s how: Knock on a door with 20 peeps behind the door…

I like going fast. So for me, a one-on-one is NOT fast – not if there is only that one person behind that door to make the offer to.

So here’s what I did to get bunches of customers at once 

(And I would do the same thing if I were building today, using whoever the influencers are, for what I was marketing)…

= > So back then I was marketing whole food supplements…high-end ones.

NOTE: I loved them and I was ALREADY a clean eater, fitness nut and whole foods type of person…so this product was an extension of who I already was.

1. I got out the phone book yellow pages (yep they were still around 20 years ago) and looked up all the “alternative doctors”, “alternative physicians”, etc.

2. I called each of their offices with my little script...and talked to all the gate-keepers. Yep. (There’s a trick to it, ya know.)

3. Got an appointment at one MDs office, and took the Dr. and his three staffers to lunch to show them the product and to suggest how they might approach certain of their patients with it…

4. Signed up all four of them (and NO, the Dr. was NOT on top).

5. Their office bought wholesale through my rep number. And

THEY sold it in their office. To nearly 100 customers. And I got overrides on all those sales.

PS 20 years later, that same MD office is STILL buying that product. And some of those customers are STILL using it monthly.

 So there you have it.

Want to learn how step-by-step?  

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