Google Ads here?

Several of you have asked about the Google ads on the lower right side…

I am testing half and half – Orange Ads on top right, Goog’s on the bottom. To see if 1) anyone would notice (some of you did) and 2) which ones get more clicks…

Will let you know in the next week or two, when there’s enough data to tell.

Can you tell the difference in the ad content? Or not?

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Kim Klaver


  • I did notice. I see Google Ads everywhere. Sometimes I click out of curiosity. I liked it better when they were NOT present in NMC, IGaggle and your Blog. They are a distraction from our core beliefs of “No Hype” and “No Promises-No Problems”. I won’t click on them here and I hope they go away from here.

  • I noticed the Google ads. Most of them seem to be for Ann Sieg. If she needs to put that much money into lame Google ads she must be really desperate. The other one I noticed was with the website Great way to show readers what not to do. Maybe we should click on them since they are paying per click????

    The orange ads with real emotion and plain words work so much better for me.

  • Hi Kim…Thanks for commenting on this new addition to your blog.

    My opinion is that having Google Ads sends a mixed message to your readers. One reason we come to your blog is because YOU are different and help us to be better at what we do. Google Ads promote old-schoolers that are using all the words and expressions we are trying so hard to weed out of our vocabulary. Plus, for the NMCers that paid for their Orange Ads, it takes away from what they are trying to accomplish with their business.

    Personally, I would MUCH rather support the authentic person behind the Orange Ad than the anonymous person behind the Google Ad.

    Kim, it is not my intention to offend you by this question, but are you making any money from Google Ads on your site that get clicks?

    Respectfully, Karen

  • I noticed the google ads with horror… and figured you were forced to put them there. I find them very distasteful and I really hope you discover no one in your audience clicks on them.



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