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Got WOW?

wow emoticonGot WOW?

Sometimes a person really WANTS this SO much…

Had a gent call today whose VM said, in part,
“I even go door to door and just NO ONE wants this.
I have no customers. and no one under me…
I’m beginning to doubt that I can do this…help!
I don’t want to give up!”

Depending on where a person starts (assuming they HAVE the desire)
there are different skills sets to learn.

1. Learn to approach someone. What to say, for example, so you don’t
sound salesy or weird. Online or off, you need to master the skill of
approaching others with your thing (AKA your offer).

That’s not enough though.  He’s gotten people to open the door and
answer the phone. But they don’t buy.

Here’s something else he needs…

2. Surprise them with a WOW factor.  If you don’t have
a WOW, you won’t keep someone’s attention.

Example: In the door to door pots and pans business,
the guy coming to the door didn’t just show his pots and pans.
He had a surprise WOW factor: He offered to COOK a MEAL for the family.
To demonstrate how cool the pots and pans were.
Some said yes. AND afterwards, bought the
entire pot and pan set.

Remember, EVERYONE is bombarded with pitches constantly. For about
everything. Including what YOU sell. Got wow?

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