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  • It is interesting that just about everyone that joins the Empower Network quickly begins talking about “haters”…

    It is so obviously a culture building tactic devised by David Wood (modeling Amway’s culture building success), because I don’t see any more “hate” directed toward Empower than any other MLM company.

    • Disagree Mike plus Kim didn’t mention any company specifically here?

      That’s just a general observation that I’ve also seen over the years. When people are growing, many people try (or their actions and words unintentionally can do this too) to bring them “back down to reality”. And we have to learn to recognise what’s happening so we can continue growing.

      It’s not something that has to be concocted. But it’s also not something that is being given any more weight than any other topic that comes up for people as their building out their own Entrepreneurial space.

      Entrepreneurship makes other people uncomfortable.

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