Have we created an artificial society?

“If people have to choose between something that’s cheap, heavily marketed, and appealing in the short term, and something that’s expensive, obscure, and appealing in the long term, which do you think most will choose?” Paul Graham

Ha! Now we know why so many people choose junk food versus real food. Even though that first bite of thick pizza or Big Mac leaves us unsatisfied an hour later – every single time.

And business is there to take advantage of our need for instant gratification, even if it is with mostly artificial food that isn’t good for us.

The artificial instant food business makes giant money too. Artificial scales, says Graham (you can produce lots cheaply). Fake food-like substances don’t perish. Fresh fruits and veggies do.

Have we created an artificial society in the name of fast and convenient?

Who has to be first mover to change it? We, who demand instant gratification? Or the businesses who feed us per our (long term) self-destructive demands?

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Kim Klaver


  • I believe in Supply & Demand economics. I do not advocate any sort of food police or overly government intervention.

    Because as consumers become more educated about junk food and discover the truth about the artificial instant food business, they will begin to make smarter, more healthier choices – even if they are inconvenienced.

    This will drive down the price of healthy food and cause many fast food restaurants to go out of business. And who knows what effect this will have on pharmaceuticals and other related industries.

    Paul Eilers

  • The industry is not going to change until we, the people force it on them.

    I don’t know the answer to this because so many people don’t know there are problems with our food. They think since they still alive all is ok. I did a poll on my blog asking if we are getting all we need from the food we eat, 75% of votes have said yes. This is what’s wrong with our society so how do we change it?

    I for one believe food is the answer not drugs. But the way our food is today I don’t see how we can get away from ending up taking drugs.

    I’m changing the way I cook and feed my family even if it does take a lot longer. We do not eat fast food anymore but can one family really make a difference?


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