Have you tried cleavage marketing?

Show-all or cleavage?

How do you attract the Unstoppable One? The one with no inhibitions? The one who could care less what the neighbors think. The one who’s totally committed and driven to do the business?

Well the best way is to tickle their curiosity. And to do that, less is more. Mystery creates curiosity. That’s why a little cleavage beats a totally stripped down person everytime.

Our tendency – as sellers – is tell-all marketing. To bowl them over with our first pitch. We want to make it big, persuasive and impressive. People would be dumb to say no, right? But alas, it also leaves many people cold.

Consider this email ‘pitch’ I got from a reader yesterday (in response to my ‘trumped up crap’ email):

“The Company I am with is traded on the NYSE which means everything is available about what we do. We, also, have a 5A1 rating on Dunn & Bradstreet. We have been on the Today Show, NBC, CBS, FOX News. Want to check the News clips out? Go to: and see for yourself. It is totally amazing what our 100+ PhD scientists have found.”)

That’s a pretty standard opener – telling lots of stuff about your great company.

Compare that to Madonna’s mystery marketing approach. For 25 years, she has earned hundreds of times more each year than what the best strippers make. Why? My guess (forget the singing)…she NEVER takes it ALL off.

She knows the power of showing only some cleavage. It generates mystique. She never shows it all. And her fans (millions and millions) keep coming back and buying again. And again. And again. She knows cleavage marketing works way better than tell-all marketing.

Works in the weirdest places, too:

‘I suppose I can take a little off the sides Bob,
but this is your fourth haircut this week.’

What’s a little cleavage talk for your business? So they keep coming back for more? You know, show a little, and leave them hankering for more…Feel free to comment below.

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