Her $400 Million Trucking Business

“I really wanted to make a difference,” Andra said…

When Andra Rush started her trucking company, all she had was
a beat-up van, a pair of used pickup trucks, and the naive certainty
of a 23-year-old. She figured it would take her about four years to
make her fortune. Then she could use her new found millions to
accomplish her true goal: tackling poverty on Native American
reservations across North America.

“I thought I could retire by the time I was 27,” says Rush,
a member of the Mohawk Indian tribe of Ontario, Canada.
“At that age, you don’t know what you don’t know.”
(True for me today, even KK.)

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  • I’m quite impressed with Andrea’s drive and perserverance in accomplishing her goals. I, too, am goal driven and being a multitasker is definitely a plus ! Being a woman is never a disadvantage in most industries. The desire to be all god has created one to be is enough for one to succed…no matter the gender !!!

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