"Hey Lulu – I’m doing one of those icky things!"

Lydia’s excited about her new business…She calls her friend, Lulu.

Lydia: Lulu, I just HAVE to tell you…I’m finally doing one of those icky things!

Lulu: You are? Ooooh, I like icky. I want to see it.

Lydia: OK now, I have to tell you up front – I’m doing this to make money, so how much will you let me make on you?

Lulu – OK, let me see how much room I have on my card…

Lydia: Oh, well I don’t know if I should let you, actually, I’m supposed to ask if you know anyone who’s into doing one of these icky type things – someone who’s really weird, you know? Like me!

Lulu: Oh! I AM weird. I want to see this! I have room on my card!”

Writers, comics or creative types: What might happen next?


Do you have the best-selling book, “If My Product’s So Great, How Come I Can’t Sell It?”

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Kim Klaver


  • Oh alriight Lulu, let’s get together for coffee and we’ll chat about it. I am free on Tuesday at 2:00 o:clock or Wednesday at 10:00 AM which is best for you?

  • Lydia: Gotta go, Another call!
    :: click ::
    A few minutes later Lulu calls back
    Lulu: Lydia, I called Lynnette and she says she’s weird too. And she knows Lala and says she’s REALLY weird. puhLEEEZE can we all be weird with you?
    Lydia: Well, OK, but only if you all promise not to be pukey. Do you think you could do that if I showed you what to do?
    :: curtain falls, fade to black ::

  • Ya know, that’s not such a bad idea for talking to my good friends. I mean, we relate with each other the best when our emotions are extreme – laughing or crying. My friends are used to me being a cut up so I never wanted to call them and talk all serious about the business. If I do this and they aren’t into it, well, at least I gave them their chance. And it fits perfectly with who I am.

  • Oh I forgot, you’re my third friend, to call with an icky

    I’m almost maxed out, I have to be picky,

    Guess who’s behind me, nibbling my ear and oh yes a hickey

    I’ll call you back, after a quickie.

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