How $150 from 5 customers turned into $15 million

This 2006 post, How $150 from 5 customers turned into $15 million, (opens in new window) is one of the most often referenced stories on my blog, according to my Google Alerts. Two questions:

1. Think this could happen to you today?
2. What would increase your chances most, of even getting part way there?

Please use the comments below to add other things you think would increase your chances most.

Yes, I realize most networkers and many readers here are part time women. This is a business of a lot of people doing a little. Still, it’s nice to picture sitting atop a Giant Heap, think?

So vote, and don’t be afraid to add ideas I didn’t have room to add in the survey.

Results so far here.

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  • I love this story! I had heard about and checked into those water filters way back then and decided NOT to do it. Of course now I hear all of the success stories from years gone by. I had looked at many programs and did some of them, but this one scenario keeps coming up and it is worth sharing stories like this. I continue to want to focus on learning ways to better communicate with people. I feel I am good at it, but new people don’t always have this wisdom yet. And of course learning what works in marketing never hurts.

  • This reminds me of when I was a little girl and my father would put too much food on my plate. It would scare me and make me a nervous wreck and I would get so upset I couldn’t eat anything!

    When he instead gave me a little to start with, I would usually go back for a little more once, maybe twice.

    I guess the moral of the story is don’t ask your reps to bite off more than they can chew!

    In the group of women I seek to become business partners (those who are scared to retire), they are just looking to add to their income, not become millionaires. What I present has to match their vision of themselves and their capabilities.

    Thanks for a valuable reminder!

    Edie Elting
    Scared 2 Retire?

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