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How Apple Recruits Store Team Members

Apple refers to their
store employees at team members.
Here’s what you’d have to do to
get that job working on the floor
of an Apple store (straight salary,
no commission).

“Getting a job on the sales floor at Apple
today requires six to eight interviews,
including with the person who runs the entire
local market. One result of that intensive
process is that when people are hired, they
feel honored to be on the team, and the
team respects them from day one because they
have made it through the gauntlet.

That’s very different from trying to
find someone at the lowest cost who’s available
on Saturdays from 8 to 12.” Harvard Business Review, Dec,  2011

Six to eight interviews to qualify for a salaried job in the Apple store!

What did they teach you to do to qualify the folks you
seek, that you hope might build a business empire under you?

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Kim Klaver


  • This leads me to believe it would be prudent to put prospects through an “interview process” of sorts, to determine they are qualified and willing to do what success requires in our industry, before agreeing to help them build a business. Maybe steps that identify their why and what “commitment to consistency” they would make to attain success.

    • How many people would a new prospect interview with? And what questions
      would one ask?

      Remember, asking for commitment when the person has signed up,
      will be a far cry from what the prospect probably heard at the sign up meeting –
      Easy, anyone can do it, big money fast…

      How would you change the “pitch” for the business? Knowing what you know now?

      • I am aligned with Dave’s concept of a well thought out “interview Process” demonstrating via our actions and quality of questions that we are looking for a professional not an employee. In addition during the course of the interview, providing the opportunity for the person being interviewed to interview us to see if there is a two way fit. You can tell a lot about an individual from the type of questioned asked of you as to where they may be as their intentions, desires and goals. I don’t believe it is about the number of interviewers, it is about the quality and tone of the interview it self. Some cases may require several interviewers. Are you prepared? Have you taken the time and effort to first and foremost to get to know this person as an individual. Is this somebody who you will enjoy being present with in a professional environment and do they have what it takes to be or even better yet, become a professional. A professional net worker is not static and it is an every growing dynamic environment. Interviewing is an art and those who build strong teams take the time and effort to truly do develop and have a quality first class interview process. I myself as part of my process, I like to watch the person in action and see how they are while in the process of relationship marketing itself. Are they themselves, how are they with people, do they listen. . .etc. What actions do take to keep up with their profession? What professional organization do they belong and are they active in these organizations. Those are just a few of the questions I would ask, but most of my questions will come from my listening to them and checking in with them from a much deeper perspective. Give me an example of what you just said? Show me what you mean? Why do you say that? An interview is a wonderful learning adventure and can be a very positive experience for both parties involved.

        • Bill, yes interviews are totally fun. That’s what we did to build a giant NM business. We invited prospects to an interview,
          and called it that. A question that pops up if you do that is, how do you present the business opp so people expect to
          be interviewed?

          • My desire, my intent is to present the businss opportunity in such a manner that they WANT to be interviewed. . .i.e. a step or two above “EXPECT to be interviewed”. How?

            (1) During the course of getting to know this prospect, you listen. You find out through your questioning them during your conversation with them, using examples they give you to if they have the desire to learn, the willing to work, the ability to be present with people, etc. It there is a strong possibility you want them to be a part of your professional team – – (2) Then as I begin to present my over all business opportunity, I would let them know that this opportunity is not easy, it does take a certain kind of person to be truly successful and “what I hear from YOU so far”, I suspect you have these qualities . X,Y & Z. . (giving them specific feed back by using their words and how these qualities apply to what you look for in a successful professional). And then depending how they follow up from this sharing, you would tailor your next question and ask them . . . would you be willing to honor yourself? your abilities? and commit to being succesdul? . . . and if you do. . . Think about call me (by a certain date/time) if you want to be interviewed and we would check in with each other in greater detail, and we will determine if this opportunity fits YOU and what all you have to offer.

  • After all, hasn’t it been said that in our business it usually takes 5 exposures for someone to enroll? Maybe the way to go is to indicate upfront that there are going to be 5 exposures, the last with a “Sr Partner”(upline) before moving ahead?

  • Why should I hire you?
    Give me 10 reasons. This usually separates the wheat from the chaff.
    I need a commitment of 7 to 10 hours per week for the next year. Are you willing to do that?
    If you get a fuzzy answer sell product FULL retail or preferred customer to them.
    Remember, some will, some won’t, so what, next.

  • I’m quite sure Apple Store Team Members love all of Apple’s products.

    Which leads to this question: Why are you involved with your particular network marketing company?

    Do you love their products or service? Is it to make money?

    Once you figure that out, then qualify and sign up people who are just like you. Who love their thing just like you do. Not only is it more productive, but it’s more fun too.

  • Kim, you have convinced me that I need to be more like Apple. The results will speak for themselves. Instead of just putting anyone with a pulse and credit card into your business, you will have someone that is motivated and that will do what it takes to achieve their goals. I am changing my interview process right away and the first question will be: “What is your goal for 2012?”

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