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How Did I Sell $60K Worth In 90 Days?

Network Marketing - How To Sell 60K In 90 Days

“How did you sell that many your first time?”

It was about those water filters years ago… The gent on the call last night goes…

“So Kim, how did you sell so many thousands of dollars worth of water filters your first time out, 25 years ago?” ($60K worth, in my first 90 days, while working my real estate business.) The company was so impressed they invited me to come on stage at their national to tell how I’d done that. (I did.)

My secret?

(So far, it’s nothing anyone has EVER guessed before I told them. But when I tell, people go, “Ahhhhh!”) So here’s the secret:

That water filter product (and everything I have ever happily marketed and sold), was an extension of who I already was. Before I had ever heard of the product – much less begin to market it.

In the case of the water filters, I was already a clean water nut and knew all kinds of things about both the WHY and WHAT was out there, relating to filtered water.

So I led with ME and MY values…and it happened that I’d come across this new gizmo that I used a lot, that reflected those values.

Nothing more than that. I was already, in their eyes (because of my living values) a clean water (and clean food, etc) expert. I. Lived. It.

That was my secret.

I came with authority on THAT product line’s purpose: clean water. I could have sold them ANYTHING in the clean water niche because they figured if I’m using it, it’s gotta be ok.

If you’re one of those types, like me above, I can show you how to use what you already know, to market ten times more effectively than if you’re not doing that. And you can do it like I did – without ever mentioning the product name or company at first. AFTER they say yes, then they find out what it is. 🙂

If you’re someone who just got your product line, and are just learning about those values (organic, or whatever) and you want to come across as an authority, you can do that. In less than 30 days.

I’m going to be running some classes to show how to market like this… Not free. But affordable.

PS For Authority Marketer owners, I’m running two classes on this for you, IF YOU HAVE gone through the first four videos in that program, on the house. I’ll teach you this sort of “magnetic marketing” the first class probably THIS FRIDAY.

This Thursday night, I’ll send owners of Authority Marketer an email with the magnetic marketing class details.

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