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How do I get people?


How do I get people?

“Develop yourself. People are attracted to people who have done that and keep doing that…those who pursue great ideas and teachings and make them part of who they are…” – Tony Robbins

Take courses. Classes. Read. Google how to do this and that. Do it. Practice it. Teach it. That’s what it means to add value to yourself. To develop yourself.

PS That’s what lawyers and doctors have done. They added value to themselves by going to school, practicing, learning, mastering, and now, they’re sought after because they’re valuable. You can do that in ANY area where you feel a challenge.

Be that one who overcomes any challenge others have, and you will never have to worry about “getting people” into your group, your business, or following you.

If you’d like help doing that – so you become an authority in the eyes of your potential customers and recruits, check out this program. That’s exactly what I do to get my readers, followers and customers.

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