How do I keep a new recruit?

“Tell them to get more recruits,” said Lulu’s sponsor. “The money’s in the recruiting.” Then he said:

Sell a rep $1500 worth of product; earn 10%: get $150.

Sell a customer $150 worth of product; earn 10%: get $15.

Recruiting wins.

Why bother to tell them about getting customers?


1. Most reps sell 1-2 recruiter packages in their entire network marketing career, IF any.

2. Recruits who buy big product packages typically put the product in the garage. They don’t know how to sell it. This doesn’t sit well with spouses.

3. Some recruits return the product.

4. Recruiter orders are one-time sales.

5. You may lose a friend who bought the big recruiter package, because they don’t know what to do with the product.

Why customers:

1. There are way more of them than sales people.

2. With regular repeat customers you have a chance at residual monthly income like AOL or cable TV, unlike recruits who order once and that’s it.

3. Getting the product out there to customers who are not selling it gives you a chance for genuine word of mouth among them and their friends…and could get you more business.

4. Everyone understands the concept of finding “customers” since all business is based on finding them and keeping them. Few understand about recruiting sales people.

5. 80% of network marketers are women, and most of them say they prefer finding customers to recruiting. Why not encourage them to do what they want? They can build up mini customer empires, like AOL.

6. Did you know that 90%+ of companies’ income comes from the product orders of their reps, nearly all of whom have “reverted” to being just customers?

7. Fewer than 10% of a company’s reps get checks from the company each month for sales they made to others (I don’t mean rebate checks on their own orders). Nearly all just order product – either to use or stay qualified.

We need recruits. But we need real repeat customers more.

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Kim Klaver


  • Hi Kim

    Thank you for showing how much customers are the core of our business. I go for customers 100% of the time. I do have reps and all except one have seeked me out. When I have my customer base solid I’ll start on finding reps but never with pressure and always with real concern for what’s best for them.

    I feel bad for the new reps that ordered a big package that was supposed to kick start their business. I luckily didn’t go all out and buy the biggest fast start package and I don’t push it on others. They can order it once- anytime so I have them wait and see if they really feel it’s worth it. I do see why a fast start package is helpful in some cases but never for a new rep learning.

    Kim thank you for an amazing weekend in Kansas City. Not only did I get to meet you and learn even more, I got to make some great new friends. I know I’ll leave some out but I want to say it was a real joy spending extra time with Laura & Johnnie, Deb, Patricia and Cindi.

    Happy Week everyone

  • I always enjoy the statistics you provide, Kim!

    “80% of network marketers are women, and most of them say they prefer finding customers to recruiting. Why not encourage them to do what they want? They can build up mini customer empires, like AOL.”

    According to #5 it would seem that recruiting women to build customer bases is a great strategy for long-term growth, based on the odds.

    Perhaps Lulu would benefit from this insight to narrow her scope!

  • Hi Kim,
    You are so right on.

    I just came back from my company conference which was in Australia 🙂 lucky me I went there on the company dime since I sit on the Executive Advisory Board for the company.

    I talked to so many other women at the conference that were relieved when I told them more about getting customers and not focusing on recruiting. I could see the sense of relief on their faces when they realized that they could do business the way they felt the most comfortable….by getting customers.

    I encouraged many people to check your site and training too.

    Thanks for your common sense approach, it helps all of us in such a great way.


  • Customers make the world go round for me. It is all in the training of our recruits and how we approached them in the first place. Push them too hard and they quit, leave them alone and they leave us, but if we give them training on how to sell they enjoy success and so do we. ( sell the new school way with Kim Klavers CDs)

    Thanks KIm for showing me how to reach customers without pushing for a sale.

    Nancy Carlson

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