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“How do I make money with your network marketing company?”

Minnie: “How do I make money with your network marketing company?”

Moi: “Bring in orders for the product or service
to the company. That’s how the money gets made.”

Then I pause for a reaction. (Just did that with two FB folks.)

Because. If someone doesn’t want to bring in
orders (AKA recruit and sell), they’re not going to
be happy building an NM business.

So why bother?

I want it in my lifetime. So my FIRST choice is
ALWAYS someone who knows – and wants to –
bring in orders for the products, programs,
or services.

Everything else they tell you to do is secondary. Isn’t it?

What good is someone to building your business who doesn’t
have the will and desire to bring in orders?

Of course, if they’re monthly customers that counts(!)

But if you want to leverage the work of others, you want
a few recruits who will build with you.  Think?

In that regard, do really want to spend your precious time
with someone who goes “I can’t sell” “I don’t know anyone…” ?

And then you have to do therapy??

Pas moi.

Bottom line:  Let folks know what they need to do to
earn income with your company.  Right away so no
more time is wasted with the wrong ones.  Think?

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Kim Klaver


  • At 59, you’re still a spring chicken. Although the peeps sign up under our sponsorship. The videos really do the selling part and that’s what makes this really unique. In fact. we can build this without talking with anyone until after they’ve made a purchase. Ya think?

  • I’m 59 too Kim and consider myself young. You are so right. Sell products or service and bring in new distributors. Never changes.

    I used to chase people but not anymore. I’m looking for people who are willing to do what it takes.

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